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  • The greatest challenges of our time must be met head on at the European level.
  • Therefore: Consider the European dimension of your vote for the German Bundestag on 26 September.
  • Our EUROMAT will help you decide whose European policy is the best choice for you.

What does the upcoming Bundestag election, a national election, have to do with Europe? Much more than one might think. After 16 years with Angela Merkel at the top of federal politics, a new Chancellor will be elected this autumn. This change will inevitably have an impact on the European Union, intra-European relations as well as the future of European cooperation.

Although none of the potential candidates for chancellor questions the European idea as such, the election programmes of the parties contain major differences when it comes to Europe. Because the most pressing issues of our time can only be solved at the European level, we want voters to be aware of how important their voting choice is for the future of Europe.

That is why we are featuring people from all over Europe in our campaign. Just like us, many Europeans are eagerly awaiting the results of this election, and are hoping that it turns out to be a good election – for the European idea and the values it embodies!

from Luxembourg

„I wish you a good election, because Europe is not a matter of course.“

from Vienna

"I wish you a good election because such a great country must continue to work for European unification and respect for European values."

from Prague

"I wish you a good election because Germany must continue to stand up for the rule of law and against abuses of power in Europe."

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With our EUROMAT you can find out in just a few steps whose election programme best matches your views on European issues.

Whose European policy is the best choice for you?

Let's go to our EUROMAT!

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Think European! Bundestag Election at 26.09.21

Think European! Bundestag Election at 26.09.21

Think European! Bundestag Election at 26.09.21

Think European! Bundestag Election at 26.09.21

Think European! Bundestag Election at 26.09.21

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Pulse of Europe is an independent and non-denominational citizens’ movement that is non-partisan and unaffiliated with any interest group. Pulse of Europe became known through large rallies all over Europe. Our rallies aimed to amplify the European pulse within our cities and take a stance for our common European identity and for European solidarity.  To this day, many thousands of committed citizens want to contribute to a united, democratic and peaceful Europe. A Europe in which respect for human dignity, the rule of law, liberty and tolerance are self-evident foundations of the community.

Since our founding, volunteers have come together in more than 70 German and other European cities. Our projects and campaigns help to strengthen the dialogue between politics and civil society. We set issues, make demands for reforms and for a better Europe. And we invite our fellow citizens to get involved with us – for our common future in a united Europe.

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